7 Reasons To Avoid Doing Your Own Pest Control

Written by: Frank || Published: November 2, 2020

ants on the floor of a kitchen

With all the baits, traps, and pesticides on store shelves, DIY pest control may look like an easy project. However, for many pest infestations, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Often times homeowners will discover more pests immediately after trying to treat their home for pests themselves. The biggest reason why DIY pest control is so tricky?

Most people don’t have the right knowledge for effective application.

Even pests that may seem simple to identify actually aren’t. For example, there are dozens of different species of ants in Arizona, with different types of ants requiring very different solutions. The same strategy that may eliminate one kind of ant may be useless against another — and sometimes can make infestations worse.

Venomous insects can pack nasty bites and stings

Trying to get rid of insects without being bitten by ones that can actually cause physical harm is difficult. From allergies to spider bites, venomous insects shouldn't be tampered with by amateurs. If you are bitten by a venomous insect, seek medical attention.

Some treatments are dangerous, especially in inexperienced hands

Remember that pesticides are toxic to humans too and must be handled with care. While most modern treatments are better targeted than older ones and only cause permanent damage to pests, they can still cause health problems when used in excess. Additionally, even chemicals that are safe for humans can be deadly for pets, such as cats and fish.

Bugs are becoming more resistant

Over time, bugs and other pests are becoming more resistant to over-the-counter solutions. When you choose professional pest control, you’re choosing an expert who uses effective products known to zap pests and provide long-term solutions. Can't be creating super bugs now can we?

The wrong treatment can spread infestations

When used improperly, insecticides may be strong enough to temporarily scare away pests, but not strong enough to actually kill them. When that happens — a scenario all too common with bed bugs — these insects scatter throughout your home, possibly establishing multiple new colonies in the process.

You’re likely to waste more money than you’d save

Between accidentally buying the wrong treatments and having to apply them multiple times, you may end up spending more for supplies than you would hiring a quality exterminator.

Killing on contact is a short-term solution

If and when a DIY product does work, it typically kills on contact. This is a short-term fix, but it does nothing to help your situation over time. When you kill on contact, the pests remaining have a chance to regroup and relocate. You need a pest control solution that kills at the source rather than just some on contact.

Life is too short to spend your time worrying about pests

Successful DIY pest control takes up a huge amount of time that could be better spent doing things you love. Research to accurately identify your pest problem. Research to learn the most effective treatment. Research to find the best vendor for supplies. Just reading up can take a full day or more. When you hire a professional, you’re paying for experience. While pest control specialists do keep up with the latest scientific research in the field, they already have routine best practices down.

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