How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Garage

Written by: Frank || Published: March 8, 2021

Spiders are not a welcome sight in any homeowners garage. Unfortunately spiders tend to see it as the perfect spot to call home and start building their cobwebs, lure in their prey, and lay eggs! Getting rid of spiders in your garage needs to be a top priority once they are spotted. 

Spiders prefer living in a house’s garage the most for the sole reason that it is a shelter that provides all of their needs—it can keep them safe from the weather, nice and dark, with plenty of other bugs to eat.

Exactly how a spider would like it.

You would not like a spider bugging your garage forever, would you? Once a single spider has setup show in your garage, they are sure to multiply if you let them carry on. However, doing these simple tricks and techniques will help let spiders know they are not welcome!

See to It that Your Garage is Always Clean

Pests naturally gather and make a home in dirty, stuffy areas. If you find your garage filled with cobwebs or even just a single one, then that’s your call to start cleaning. Your garage may be filled with a myriad of cardboard boxes, and if you were not aware—these are enough to lure spiders in.

Cardboard boxes can serve as a comfortable home to spiders, which is why you must make sure that you do not leave a single box to rot inside your garage. There are times when you intend to put only one box, then another follows, and of course, it is followed by another. The next thing you know, your garage is filled with these boxes.

Make it a hobby to declutter and clean regularly. Doing so will not only make your garage look as good as new, but it is also sure to stir the pests away. If they like dirty areas, they are certain to feel the opposite towards clean ones.

Make Other Pests Feel Unwelcomed Too

Do not make your home a permanent residence to pests, may it be rats, roaches, or spiders! Once a single bug gets in, do not be surprised if others would follow the lead. Make sure that you make them feel like they do not belong.

One way to do this is to start looking for little cracks inside your home. This includes your garage. Pests like to stay in small, dark places—spiders are not an exception. Once you see these small cracks, do your best to seal them up.

Keeping your whole house clean can also drive away other pests along with the spiders. If not, you can always also resort to using pest and/or spider repellents. These can be the ones bought in the market or the ones that you can do-it-yourself at home, such as garlic or lemon spray.

Avoid Turning the Lights On

Reading that may have confused you at first—the goal here is to drive away spiders. And spiders like dark areas, so avoiding turning on the lights may not seem to add up. There is a reason for this trip or technique, actually, and it is quite simple to understand.

Spiders do like dark places, but the lights are also a need for them, in a sense that it is necessary for them to catch prey. Unlike spiders, bugs are attracted by artificial light, which means that a handy fluorescent light is a gateway for them to have a scrumptious meal.

However, what you can do is simply practice using natural light more—this would be the sunlight. Keep your garage open. Having your windows or door open whenever you work at the garage helps harsh sunlight get inside, making it a must in driving pesky spiders away.

Always Tend to Leaks Inside Your Garage

Just like any other living thing, a spider has three basic necessities, which would be a shelter, food, and water. Keeping your garage dirty would be the perfect shelter for them and the most favorable spot for them to start weaving their web. As soon as they have finished their web, food will start to arrive, which leaves them to worry about their supply of water.

If you do not immediately fix the leaks inside your house, however, then they would not have to worry further as they would have an ample supply of water already. Always do a maintenance run around your house and see to it that your faucets are not leaking, and make sure that there is no chance of it happening in the near future.

This goes the same for your roof. Leakage during heavy rains is not uncommon, and it is best that you have your ceiling or roof prepared immediately. If your windows are not properly closed, you might accumulate puddles of water inside your garage—a bad thing for you, of course, but it is the opposite for spiders.

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