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October 5, 2020
What's the difference between Bees, Hornets and Wasps?

While Yuma farmers rave over the benefits of pollinating bees as pollinators, everyone else is busy side-stepping them so as not to get stung! Most of the time, we don’t even know if they are bees, wasps, or hornets. Yes, there are distinct differences among these three stinging pests! In fact, they vary in physical […]

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August 24, 2020
Are Murder Hornets in Yuma Arizona?

We have all seen the stories about “murder hornets” as we scroll through our social media feeds. The New York Times has reported the Vespa mandarinia, known as murder hornets, kill approximately 50 people every year in Japan and have made their way to the United States. Find out more about Murder Hornets and what […]

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August 21, 2020
Top Signs Your Home Has A Termite Problem

Termites are among the most destructive pests in the world and you need to call a termite control expert immediately if you think you have termites. They are capable of creating havoc on several properties within no time. They can destroy properties worth thousands of dollars, thus creating instability on your properties. Several factors may […]

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August 17, 2020
Most Common Pest Problems When You Move to Yuma

Yuma is a desert oasis city that’s home to over 90,000 friendly residents. Whether you’re here for pilot training at the Yuma Marine Corps Air Station or decided to make Yuma your winter retirement destination, you are going to come across a variety of pests in your home that you might not have dealt with […]

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July 20, 2020
Recluse Spiders in Arizona

If you believe your grade-school science teacher, you probably think spiders are wonderful at catching other pests like flies and mosquitoes in their webs. It turns out your teacher only told you half the story about spiders. The bite of certain spider varieties such as the recluse spider can cause severe damage to skin, nerves, […]

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